It takes a diverse team of hard-working people to support the install work completed by our trades professionals day in and day out.
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project management

Project Management

Our project management teams provide vital support in the success of our projects. By effectively managing the details, they help to ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards.


The Precon team is tasked with effectively estimating and procuring commercial projects. The work completed before a project is launched is a critical part of ensuring it is well-executed from start to finish, on time and within budget.

pre construction
Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Kimbel’s expansive Supply Chain team works to ensure that the right materials and equipment are available at the right time and place for our jobs. Our supply chain team is based in our warehouses in numerous locations across the country.

Safety & Compliance

The Safety & Compliance team at Kimbel plays a vital role in ensuring a safe and effective work environment. This team develops and implements safety procedures, conducts inspections, ensures compliance with labor laws and regulations, and provides training to employees on safe work practices.

safety and compliance
Information Technology

Information Technology

Kimbel employs a team of IT professionals, from ops to development who provide the resources, tools, and platforms which enable our teams to operate more efficiently and effectively. 

Administrative Support

While Kimbel’s core team of trades professionals are our “boots on the ground,” it takes a host of support team members to attract, develop, and provide continual support for our employees. From Recruiting, Licensing, and Human Resources to Employee Experience, Wellness, and Career Advancement, we all work together to create the best possible experience for our team members.

Administrative Support
Finance and Accounting

Finance & Accounting

From accounts payable and receivable to payroll and finance administration, our team of finance and accounting professionals own the critical tasks of tracking costs, managing cash flow, and monitoring financial status to ensure long-term fiscal health. 


The Kimbel Fleet team keeps the company moving. They maintain, repair, buy, sell, track and manage the fleet of vehicles, trailers and equipment that employees use to perform work on a day to day basis. 

Administrative Support