What HVAC Positions look like at Kimbel

HVAC Installer


HVAC employees lead jobs, crews, and projects.  Installers at Kimbel Mechanical Systems work primarily in new residential and multi-family construction. HVAC employees must have knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices, and procedures within the HVAC field, including ventilation, air conditioning, heating, and environmental control systems.


HVAC team members install, modify, inspect, repair, and maintain HVAC equipment according to specifications and building codes. Construct, modify and repair both rough-ins and finishes by relying on experience and knowledge. Identify hazards and safety problems applicable to the installation and operations and take necessary corrective action. Must be able to read blueprints, take supervisor and/or contractor instruction and complete quality control sheets. Must be able to make decisions on the job site without disruption to the business or to work and job quality.


Must have relevant HVAC experience. Must be registered or able to register with the state licensing authority within 30 days of hire.

Physical Requirements

Must be able to sit, stand and walk for long periods of time. Lifting heavy objects, crawling, and bending required 75% of the time in this job. Must be able to go up and downstairs, into crawl spaces, and sit in vehicles to get to job sites. Must be able to bend/stoop, squat/crouch, climb, kneel and twist.  Must be able to climb ladders, work both inside and outside, and around moving equipment.