We believe learning isn’t limited to a classroom. It takes place in training, career advancement, and on-site.


Here at Kimbel, we want to develop and prepare our future workforce. Individuals can obtain paid work experience, classroom instruction, and a portable, nationally-recognized credential through our apprenticeship program with Northwest Arkansas Mechanical School. This program gives you hands-on experience that’ll go toward furthering your career opportunities while simultaneously earning a paycheck.

Learn more and apply today by visiting our Apprenticeship page.

Career Advancement

Kimbel is dedicated to investing and growing its employees throughout all areas of life. To do this, we have a dedicated program with the sole emphasis being employee development. This involves preparing and equipping employees while enabling folks to capture their full potential as they grow within the organization.

Thomas Smith currently serves as  Director of Career Advancement. Thomas started at Kimbel as a plumbing apprentice when he was just 19 years old. Over the last 20+ years, Thomas has sat in nearly every seat at Kimbel. He takes great pride in helping our employees build long lasting careers at Kimbel.

We believe in teaching skills at every level.

Kimbel Academy is our internal learning platform that provides continuing education to employees at all stages.
This platform gives Kimbel team members immediate access to skills training, safety toolboxes, and much more.

A core piece of Kimbel is our dedication to safety. Whether on-site, in the office, or going to and from, our employees’ and subcontractors’ wellbeing is our top priority.