Becoming a Kimbel Employee

Our Culture

At Kimbel, we are values-driven in all that we do. We believe that to produce the highest-quality work, we train and work with the highest-quality people. Our engaging, strategic, and hands-on company culture creates an atmosphere for our team members to thrive in both the work and personal spheres.

“Excellent place to work, with a lot of growth opportunities.”


“I work here doing HVAC, and I have to say it’s an excellent place to work. The people are very welcoming and geared towards working together to achieve greater goals.”


“Greatest place I have ever worked. Great leadership who care about their people.”



Kimbel Mechanical Systems, Inc. offers various benefits and coverage options meant to meet the needs of its employees and their families.

Our first-class benefits package offers comprehensive medical, dental, and vision plans, as well as a company, matched HSA.

“takes GRIT to be FIT.

Looking for ways to prioritize your health? Enjoy IncentFit and well-being programs.

Want some branded Kimbel gear? Visit our online Kimbel Store, where you can get clothing, accessories, and more!

Are you looking to expand your family? Enjoy our diaper program! Or utilize our adoption benefits to help with associated fees.

Want to be a millionaire? Let us help you with your financial goals. Meet with a financial planner, Freedom 5:1 Financial, for a personal assessment and plan. Then, enroll in our company-matched 401k program!

Get licensed!  We will help get you set up in an apprentice program in your state. If you are based in Arkansas, we can enroll you in our very own accredited, licensed apprenticeship program! Work while getting paid for your education.